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Health Screening Referral Process

Health Screening Referral Process

If a child does not pass the vision screening conducted by the assigned nurse from Akron Children's Hospital or hearing screening (district SLP) during the initial comprehensive developmental screening the results are reported to the immediately and the child is referred to the appropriate health professional. If children pass the vision and hearing screenings parents are notified of this by the individuals who conducted the screening.

Upon entrance into the program children's medical records are reviewed by preschool staff members, paraprofessionals and secretarial staff. If a child does not have the required medical statement, dental statement, vaccines, and other health screens required (i.e. lead screen) the preschool staff member makes a call to have a conversation with the parent. Following the call, information about community services will be provided to the family and/or the family may need to complete the required medical information provided.

Depending on the family's needs medical information can include but is not limited to:

  • Stark County Health Department website

  • Stark County Immunization Clinic

  • Information on the importance of a lead screening

  • Recommended vaccination schedule

  • Information about why vaccines are important

  • Stark County Health Department's child health clinic that provides well child check-ups

  • Information on community dental clinics or area dental professionals.